Sunday, September 04, 2011

Another long weekend has hit.  Where has the summer gone.  We will all be a year older before we know it and the snow will be flying soon.

Here are my signs that fall is just around the corner.

1)  The bear hunters have arrived and are wandering in and out all day just like the kids did when they were bored.  They are a nice bunch of people and we all enjoy them. 

2)  That nice family from London that have a cottage on Mink Lake that come in for breakfast all the time have packed up and gone home early again this year because of commitments at home.  :(  Go Michigan.  Did you get rained out?

3)  The cats have started training for their favorite sport;  unrolling the toilet paper.  An activity that usually only takes place in the winter when they are in the house more often and get bored.  Well it was a change from the critters that have been left on the back step.

My daughter went out hunting this year and got her first bear on the first day of the humt which was a good thing because her attention span is as short as her mother's and she was only going out one time.  Her husband has still not got his but he has been helping out Jim B with his group of hunters this year and is enjoying himself anyway.

It looks like Maynooth Madness was a success again this year.  It is a great day with a lot of participation from such a small town.

Blogger has changed it's format fixing something that wasn't broken so I will see if this works when I publish.  Why oh why do you have to keep meddling with things.  It's bad enought that I am breaking in a new computer and operating system.  Thsi old dog is getting tired of having to learn new tricks.

Well that's it for now.

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