Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wow! I can't believe how long it has been since my last posting. The summer is flying by.

After a long old winter with no spring man are we in the thick of it now. The first two weeks on July were really busy. Almost like everyone just got tired of staying home. But with the rain every day and the bugs so bad it's no wonder.

Now this heat is perfect. I'm not sure just what for but I still love it. The black flies are all but gone. The mosquitoes are bad some day and not others. Who knows why I just enjoy the days they are not bad.

Now on to fun and frolics. A large group of us had the best day last Saturday. We got on anything that would float and some were quite unique (pictures to follow when my daughter shows up) and floated down the Papineau Creak. Now this activity is highly recommended if you want a really good day outside. Some stopped at Baragar's Road. Others quit at the house on the highway that you can see the creek from but six dough heads went all the way to Ryan's Bridge on highway 127. We didn't finish until 7:00. It was a great day. Two punctured floats (Duct tape for repairs) and one tip over. No injuries or mishaps at all and Brian and Jim were with us. And the best part was when the deer came out of the bush and crossed the creek right in front of us. Scared the heck out of Val who was squating in the bush-he he he.

Here is a question that makes me shake my head. I know that some higher end resturants close during the afternoon to prepare for dinner. But when you walk into a place with a bright red and blue open sign on and people sitting at a table eating, why would you ask "Are you open". My sarcasim gets the better of me every time and I reply "You got in didn't you". Now I know I should be more patient but it just hurts sometimes to think that these people are out driving around.

Well that's it for now. It has been quite this week compared to the previous two. I'm hoping this hot weather makes everyone want to head up north.

See you soon.

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Anonymous said...

Will 23 Litres be playing again? Fun times.