Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer may have started last Tuesday at 1:15 pm but for me summer started about 10:00 the Monday night before when I took the dog out for a tour around the back yard and saw my first fire fly of the summer. What a neat sight. The next night there were dozens out.

I only know about Tuesday night because we were awakened by the blood curling screech of the big cat that has been prowling around. The general consensuses is that it is a links or a bob-cat.
That would also explain why there are no more wild turkeys around this spring. I was told that a turkey would be a good snack for one of those critters. I'm sure the hunters would have cleaned up some of them but not all.

Another half-assed rainy weekend that ended beautifully just when everyone had to go home has passed. Let's hope for better days ahead for the long weekend. This year being a true long Canada Day weekend should be busy all round.

Not much excitement around the village last week, so there is not much to report.

I have purchased some new products. A natural insect repellant, sunburn and bite relief and a stop itch and sting poultice. All of the products can be used by children and pets. The bug repellant is good for all types of flies including deer & horse flies. So if the little buggers are driving you crazy you know where to go for relief and I don't mean to the beer fridge!!!

Sorry that I don't have anything more exciting to report, no touching stories or bone head plays. Maybe there is something to be said for some quiet time. I'm not sure what would be said-but there must be something.

Hope to see you all one the long weekend. We are open Friday for your dining pleasure.


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