Sunday, November 09, 2008

Here endith the first week!!

Well the first week of the religion known as "The Deer Hunt" is now over. There are alot of stories, some happy, some not so much. I must say our gang has not done so well this year but there is always next week. I did get a shot off on Thursday. My first time as I've only been hunting a few years. But I learned a few lessons this week. One being do not use a two inch tree with leaves on it for support when it has been raining. Good life lessons all the same.

Things are pretty quiet around the old diner this month. Most of the cottagers are gone. Sad goodbyes each week when another leaves for the season.

Thanks for Gerry for letting me know that someone is still reading the blog. You made my day.

Well I did it. I ordered my generator from Home Depot and two days later it was delivered. It is now wired to the electrical box and all gassed up ready for the next power outage. So bring it on Mother Nature and those dasterdly beavers that keep chewing down trees over hydro lines. I'm ready for you now!!! (If I remember what it is I'm supposed to do.)

Another confusing day here grey and warmish, rainy and cold, snowy and windy, then sunny and cold. Now it's just cold. I can't believe that it can change so much in a few hours.

The music on Saturday evenings is going well. We have a great mix of musicans. A nice little crowd each week. One day someone may drive all the way up from Bancroft. Who knows.

It was nice to see that the ATV'ers are still around. Keep it up.

Well that's all the news fit to print for today. Back next week.


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Anonymous said...


I did not think us people from Bancroft were invited to party
in THE HUB!!!!

See ya soon!