Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuesday update from the "Hub"

Brian and Jim want me to call the Lake St. Peter area the hub for awhile just to annoy the gang from the Paudash Trail Blazers. They think and I agree that this area is the greatest and is the hub of all trails. So I will humor them for a few days because they are really nice guys, and one has a cottage around the corner from me.

On to the important stuff. It's really cold up here and there is a layer of ice hiding under a layer of snow. The trails are still in good shape. I didn't check with the riders in today. Larry and the boys from PA were up again and they ride up from Coe Hill. No complaints about the trails but I forgot to ask them how things were.

I'm not sure if the groomer has been out. I will check with my cook that comes in on Thursday and update again before the weekend.

The bottom line is that the freezing rain didn't do any damage to the trails, there is no thaw and we are getting a few ctms of snow each day. Enough to keep things fresh. The staked areas on the lakes are a little rutty (is that a real word) from sleds riding in the slushy parts on the weekend.

Well that's all the news that's fit to print.


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Anonymous said...


It's ok if Jim and Brian think Lake St Peter is the "HUB", I hear that the mind is the first to go! So the two of them have a valid excuse for being confused. Everyone knows all trails lead to Paudash trails!!