Thursday, February 07, 2008

Is it Thursday already?

Greetings from the land of small snowfalls. We have been getting a little snow every day. Not as much as you folks down south. Come on now, share will ya! The trails are great. The groomer went to Whitney last night, was on it's way to Madawaska this morning and is heading to Bancroft tonight.

The temperature is staying cold but not so cold it's uncomfortable. It's a beautiful sunny day today. So Brian, Jim and the gang have a great ride to Pembroke and come back with good stories. I wish I was going with you.

Yesterday morning I saw a group of about 6 heading down Lake St. Peter. Now I'm not saying you should go on the lake, I'm just saying it is being done. It still hasn't been staked yet.

If anything changes over night I will update. Otherwise load 'em up and head north for the weekend.


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