Thursday, December 06, 2007

We went almost 24 hours without a snow fall. But here it comes down again. Even though the trails are all closed----they are also all groomed and just waiting for all the sledders to head this way.

The Whitney club has folded so the Snow Skimmers are grooming up to the hydro line to Whitney, Haliburton is grooming through the hydro line and Barrys Bay is grooming from their end to Whitney. So things are coming together.

We are hoping for a great weekend as it looks like the snow isn't going to stop. The three cuties from Peterborough that were in on Wedensday said that the ride down from Whitney was one of the best they have ever had. Sorry guys still no milkshakes!

The lakes are all covered over with snow so it looks like they are frozen but don't be tricked. We have just gotten so much snow that they got covered before they were really well frozen. It will probably take longer this year for them to freeze.

So load up the sleds and head for the hills for the best riding in a long time.


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JFR from Screeching Pines said...


Nice to meet you today. The hot brownie sunday was the best I have ever had and look forward to more this winter when sledding in your area. JFR from Screeching Pines