Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Good morning all.  Just time for a quick update before I head off to school.  More on that later. 

I don't know which to do first rant or report.  I guess I should do the serious stuff first.

I thought my thermometer was stuck at -20 because it hadn't moved for days but one day it shot right up to -15 so I know it's working.  This would be the reason the snow we have is staying around.  The snow on Sunday made a difference.  It was wet and heavy and gave a good covering. Not enough to have the driveway plowed just enough to be annoying when walking through it.

The groomer did not go out to Bancroft on Monday but by Tuesday I could see the rail bed was done. On my way out of LSP on Tuesday evening the groomer was heading back in and it looked like the trail to Martins Mill was done. 

The lakes aren't staked yet but are being used.  Word around the 'ol fishing holes is that there is about 10" of ice on the lake.  Now I've been duped about what six inches is all my adult life so I'm not sure if the same thing goes for fishing holes or not!!!!!

There are still a few trailers parked  at Birds Creek every day so sledding in the wilds of Hastings Highlands continues.

Now on to my rant.  I haven't had a good one in quite some time. 

I wanted to upgrade my computer skills so I was talked into taking the Business Admin course at Loyalist.  A little overkill for what I wanted but what the heck. 

Well two of my courses are Building Consumer Relations and an English Communication Course.  Both should be subtitled BLOWING SMOKE UP YOUR ASS!!!!!!  It is about 75% BS and 25% learning.  I don't want to reflect upon myself.  Someone has spent a lot of time figuring out how they could put a useless English (or something similar) degree that they got in the early 2000's to good use when they couldn't find a job.  I'm as politically correct as I'm going to get.  If I hurt your feelings I'm sorry.  I probably didn't mean to, or maybe I did!  And if you don't like the way I communicate ask someone else. 

It seems to me that now you can take a course on how to talk people into doing or buying things that they don't need or want, make them feel important while doing a menial job so they don't look further and we call it communicating.  Ok now everyone reflect on your personality take a deep breath and go out there and trick somebody today.  Or at least give them a hug while you are hurting there feelings.

Well that feels better.  Now I can skip off to school and submit my 1200 word assignment on my personality and self reflection.  I'll bet I get an A and a gold star!!!!

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