Thursday, May 21, 2009

Long Weekend Happinings

What a cold and nasty long weekend. Nice to see lots of people back for the season. Lots left early and why not.

I have been asked to update for the next while with a black fly report. Well I was outside today with a contractor and I have a report.

They say "Send more ATVer's the last ones were delicious!!!!"

No kidding the bugs are hungry and plentiful. Unless you are out in the wind you're lunch.

This really hot weather will bring the little buggers out big time. So maybe if it keeps up it will kill them off too.

I went leek picking this week and got loads. A big batch of leek a potato soup has gone over really well this week at the diner. Now if you eat enough leeks the flies will stay away from you but then so will every one else.

Not much happening this weekend so the weather should be great.

I will update with the fly report for Rob from Peterborough.

That's it for now.

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